Kisa Doll

trap yoga instructor

Born and raised in Metro Detroit Kisa started her yoga journey 11 years ago while pregnant with her second child. Originally she began practicing to stay fit after ending her college basketball career, but as time progressed yoga proved to offer mental strength and agility as well. Through her practice, she gained a deep connection along with an understanding of her body that remained with her while off the mat. 

As a young single mother of three beautiful girls life has always been loud. Throughout the years as she experienced loss, heartache and pain, yoga assisted her in finding peace among personal chaos through breath work and meditation. During her time in southern Arizona, Kisa walked away from corporate America and continued her yoga exploration. She returned to Detroit to share her knowledge & establish KISADOLLYOGA & HUSTLE AND YOGA FLOW. 

Although based in Los Angeles, Kisa can be found traveling the country hosting workshops and classes.